Vitamin-Kick x Energy Tea

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6 bottles FOCUSWATER Kick
6 bottles FOCUSWATER Push
4 bottles ENERTEA Guayusa
4 bottles ENERTEA Mate
4 bottles ENERTEA Cascara
Total 24 bottles

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We have put together the ultimate caffeine package for you – being tired was yesterday.

In Switzerland we live in a fast-paced and performance-oriented everyday life and there are always moments when you feel tired and unfocused. The desire to “be awake” is also the reason why Switzerland has one of the highest “caffeine per capita consumption” rates in the world. Get our caffeine package and satisfy your need for energy.

Caffeine information:

FOCUSWATER PUSH, contains 8mg/100ml
WATER KICK, contains 18mg/100ml
Guayusa, contains 32mg/100ml
Mate, contains 21mg/100ml
Cascara, contains 19mg/100ml

All information about the contained vitamins and nutritional values can be found on the store pages of the respective products.