CHF40.00 CHF50.00 Package (24 x 5dl)

Two six-pack for each FOCUSWATER CALM & RELAX flavors
Total 24 bottles

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Pure relaxation! Discover now the new Cool-Down Bundle with the products CALM and RELAX and benefit from 8% discount.

FOCUSWATER CALM: In your calm is your strength. Smile. Breathe. And go slowly. All in good time. Take a breath; everything will take its course, including your life and the things that happen in it.
We are happy to support you with vitamins, minerals and calming hemp seed distillate. Maintain your natural balance.

FOCUSWATER RELAX: Are you on the fast track today? Running from one thing to the next? Aren’t we all? But hey, no second ever comes back, right? Take a moment. RELAX and live the now.
We are happy to help you on your personal journey with our vitamins and the essence of hibiscus.

All information about the contained vitamins and nutritional values can be found on the store pages of the respective products.