CHF40.00 CHF50.00 Package (24 x 5dl)

Two six-pack for each FOCUSWATER KICK & PUSH flavors
Total 24 bottles

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Your wake-up bundle incl. vitamin boost. The package contains a high caffeine KICK with KICK Peach & Apple (18mg caffeine/100ml) and a light PUSH for your everyday life with PUSH Orange & Lemongrass (8mg caffeine/100ml, 0 sugar). Both flavours contain natural caffeine. 

More information on the individual products:

FOCUSWATER KICK: Need a natural energy boost? Goodbye procrastinating, feeling tired and lack of energy. Hello to our refreshing and vitamin-rich alternative to coffee and energy drinks: It’s FOCUSWATER KICK with natural caffeine. Let it kick in and tackle your tasks, step by step. We are happy to support you with our caffeine alternative KICK. To the single product 

FOCUSWATER PUSH: Push yourself to your limits. That’s how you truly grow. Grow beyond yourself: start with small steps and begin to move out of your comfort zone. We are happy to support you with the ideal thirst quencher with vitamins, minerals, natural caffeine and guarana. Become the best version of yourself. To the single product 

All information about the contained vitamins and nutritional values can be found on the store pages of the respective products.