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Join the movement – find your flow!

What you have to offer

  • You’re between 16 and 40 years young
  • You live in Switzerland
  • You’re a fan of FOCUSWATER
  • You lead an active, healthy lifestyle
  • You can identify with the FOCUSWATER values and want to make an active contribution to pushing the brand in your sphere.
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Our values

FIND YOUR FLOW – be yourself

We are convinced that clear focus has a positive impact in these hectic times. If you’re focussed and not distracted, you can really give your all to something, you’re in flow.

In flow, we feel happy, creative and innovative. And we can perform well.

Whether we’re working, exercising or just kicking back. That’s why we want to contribute

to making the world a better place, with plenty of flow,

in all the ways that we can impact.


Do something. Move yourself, move others. Action, big and small, is the only way you can achieve something.


We’re all only human, and treat our environment with love and respect.


We stand for a refreshed spirit.


We believe in a positive, dynamic attitude, want to get to grips with new things and follow our dreams.


We enjoy the moment and don’t let hectic everyday life get us down.