FOCUSWATER is a quality Swiss product that has always been strongly engaged in social and ecological matters. Our most important activities are the targeted support of Pink Ribbon Switzerland (breast cancer prevention) and CO2 neutrality for the whole company.

Pink Ribbon

Since 2016, FOCUSWATER has been a sponsor of the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk for breast cancer prevention. When the new FOCUSWATER Care – PINK RIBBON – was launched in spring 2018, our engagement was reinforced and expanded further. The new mirabelle & rhubarb flavour FOCUSWATER Care struck the zeizgeist perfectly, quickly becoming one of the most successful FOCUSWATER products as well as an ambassador for breast cancer prevention reaching far and wide.

pink ribbon partnerschaft
co 2 neutralitaet

CO2 neutrality

FOCUSWATER, the product and the company, has been 100% CO2-neutral since 2019. Sustainability is and always has been an important issue at FOCUSWATER. Even before our collaboration with Climate Partner, this aspect had a relevant impact on internal and external processes and decisions. That’s why, when we had a strong growth spurt in 2019, there was no question about it. We would further develop this area and soon become 100% CO2-neutral. In working with Climate Partner, we were able to calculate our carbon as well as our ecological footprint. Based on this, we were able to work out the amount of CO2 emissions that had to be balanced out to achieve complete CO2 neutrality. As well as supporting renowned climate conservation projects to help balance our footprint, our focus remains on fully exhausting our further potential to reduce our footprint.

PET recyclate

FOCUSWATER production uses at least 35% PET recyclate. This lets us do our part in conserving raw materials. We ask our consumers to recycle and properly dispose of their PET.