The year is 2023. The whole of Europe is saturated with sugar-laden, artificial, unhealthy drinks. The whole of Europe? No! One small bastion, one stubborn and innovative lover of refreshing drink culture, won’t stop resisting this seemingly unstoppable wave. With FOCUSWATER, the light and refreshing vitamin water, there has been a solution to the dilemma between choosing soft drinks or water since 2008.

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Our history


FOCUSWATER KICK Peach&Apple - new with caffeine is launched.


We are launching two new FOCUSWATER products, which are sugarfree and sweetenerfree: PUSH Orange&Lemongrass and CALM Rhubarb&Raspberry


FOCUSWATER establishes itself as the No. 1 Swiss vitamin water and continues to grow. A new variety (ANTIOX, Lemon&Lime) and a new glass container are launched.


The FOCUSWATER success story continues both within Switzerland and internationally (DE and UK).
The largest Swiss drinks manufacturer, Rivella AG, finalises a 100% takeover of the company FluidFocus AG. FOCUSWATER continues to be run as an independent brand.


The Swiss vitamin water enjoys success abroad for the first time, with Austria becoming the first export market.


The company fluidIMD GmbH is awarded a contract for drink sales and development.


In light of rapid expansion, the companies Focuswater GmbH and fluidIMD GmbH complete an equally balanced merger that results in the formation of a new company, FluidFocus AG. The Swiss market, and the convenience and food service sectors in particular, continues to see remarkable growth.


FOCUSWATER, the first Swiss vitamin water, is born – four Swiss friends Ralf Seiz, Kathrina Looser Seiz, Andreas Nicoli und Diana Nicoli from Rapperswil, St. Gallen, found the company Focuswater GmbH.

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