The FOCUSWATER summer competition with over 600 great prizes is now over.

However, the next competition with attractive prizes will be coming soon. FOCUSWATER has a lot going on with exciting events, inspiring flowtalks with interesting personalities such as Corinne Suter or great partnerships with Love Your Neighbour, where the sale of Love Your Neighbour T-shirts finances the construction of a well with running water for 800 people in Tanzania.

FOCUSWATER x Love Your Neighbour

With the purchase of a T-SHIRT TANSANIA you support the well construction of FOCUSWATER and Love Your Neighbour, which supplies 800 people in Tanzania with clean drinking water. You can find more information about the project here.
The T-shirts were finished in Switzerland and are GOTS, OEKO TEX, FAIR WEAR and VEGAN certified.

Mann mit Focuswater Flasche

Hello vitamins,
goodbye calories.