Two years of #drinkingpink! We are so happy and a little proud to announce that our ‘mirabelle & rhubarb’ flavour has just turned two. On the 16th of May 2018, we officially launched FOCUSWATER Care with the pink ribbon symbol of Pink Ribbon Switzerland. The slightly tart flavour of rhubarb combined with a touch of mirabelle plum has won over countless fans over these two years, undoubtedly becoming one of our most popular flavours.

The Pink Ribbon Edition also expresses our partnership with its namesake, the breast cancer prevention organisation. One aim of the Pink Ribbon Edition is to continue to draw even more attention to the issue of breast cancer. Part of the proceeds generated through the sales of Care go straight to this Swiss charity organisation. And we’d like to continue to support the battle against breast cancer in this way.

At this point, we’d like to thank all Care fans that have tried our Pink Ribbon Edition over the past two years, and everybody that has been buying it regularly. You have proven that the FOCUS family is full of wonderful people that care about others.

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