Yann Rausis is one of the world’s best freeriders. He was at the top of world cup rankings for a long time – until he got injured. But not even his injury could dampen his passion for freeriding. He’s now working his way back to the top and dreaming of flying through the air like a pouncing cat.
What’s your greatest goal?

Yann Rausis: My greatest goal at the moment is to completely recover from my cruciate ligament rupture. I’d like to really be able to express myself on my skis again.

Which success makes you most proud?

Yann: I’m really proud of my success at the ‘First Track Freeride’ in Chandolin in 2016. I kept missing my runs at this competition until I finally broke through in 2016 and had one of the best runs of my life.

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Yann Rausis feels the flow when he looks back at his line after a run. (Photo: Oskar Hall)

What other talents do you have?

Yann: I was always pretty good at understanding maths and physics. Despite this affinity for numbers, I had to work hard to get my maths and physics degree.

What would you like to get better at?

Yann: Freestyle skiing! I’d like to fly through the air like a cat and always land on both feet.

What’s your personal flow moment?

Yann: When I get to the bottom of an intensive run, I stop, breathe in and take a look at my line. Then I feel the energy flowing through my whole body. That’s my flow moment!

What’s your favourite FOCUSWATER experience so far?

Yann: When I see the grins on my friends’ faces after I’ve given them a FOCUSWATER to try for the first time!

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