Together with the social brand Love Your Neighbour we are going to build a well that will provide 800 people in Tanzania with clean drinking water. Many families often only have access to contaminated water in their homes, which transmits diseases. To have clean drinking water, the families therefore walk miles. Together with Love Your Neighbour we decided to change this situation and are therefore planning to build a well between different villages. As a result, the families do not have to face kilometer long walks in the heat and have access to clean drinking water.

Our partnership with Love Your Neighbour
Our collaboration with Love Your Neighbour started this year when Love Your Neighbour produced new and sustainable clothes for our events and ambassadors. Because of our common values, such as the Swissness or the sustainable approach to the environment, we decided to start a larger cooperation. The social fashion label is known for its fair and sustainable clothing, as well as for its engagement. Together with the LYN Foundation – Love Your Neighbour, which was founded by Love Your Neighbour GmbH founder David Togni, the fashion label collects donations to realize various projects that support people in their life. Thus, the LYN Foundation has already implemented many projects in Tanzania.

You too can take part in the well project by purchasing a FW x LYN t-shirt
As a sign of our partnership, we have designed a t-shirt that Love Your Neighbour has realized for us. This t-shirt is available in our online store. For the very first time in the history of FOCUSWATER, a garment is thus available in our online store. Through this, not only Love Your Neighbour and we are involved in the great project, but also you can donate for the well construction, which will provide clean drinking water for many families in Tanzania. When you buy a FW x LYN t-shirt, you automatically contribute to the project, as CHF 20.- per t-shirt will be donated for the well construction. In addition, you receive a special memory in the form of a t-shirt that is perfect for your personal flow moments. Click here to get to the online store.

Donations are also gladly accepted at LYN Foundation – Love Your Neighbour with the subject line “FOCUSWATER Brunnenbau”. Any amount is appreciated. Love Your Neighbour works transparently so that 100% of the donations are used for the project.

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