FOCUSWATER is now even more practical to enjoy, just in time for summer: with our new six-pack. With this new packaging option, we would like to fulfil the consumer needs that our community has expressed in the past.

Up to now, there were only two options when buying FOCUSWATER: a single bottle purchased from a retailer or a twelve-pack ordered for home delivery from Fluidshop, for example. We are now adding a compromise to the market, ideal for your afternoon barbecue or a weekend of sport. The new six-pack comes in a new blue design and is initially exclusively available from Spar and TopCC.

Here at FOCUSWATER, fulfilling the needs of our consumers is a matter close to our hearts. We received feedback from our retailers as well as our consumers that a six-pack would be a welcome addition. With this new packaging format, we hope to receive some positive feedback so we can soon expand availability.

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