Corinne Suter skis downhill and Super-G, and represents Switzerland as a top athlete. She feels the flow on the slopes. She was able to bring home two world championship medals in 2019, and has already set her sights on her next big goal.
What’s your greatest goal?

Corinne: Easy, to win at the Olympics in Japan.

What are some of the successes that make you proud?

Corinne: The two world championship medals that I won at the world championship in Sweden in 2019: I took home bronze in Super-G and silver in downhill. I shared the podium with Lindsey Vonn and Ilka Stuhec. I couldn’t imagine a better podium.

corinne suter zusammenarbeit mit focuswater

Corinne really gets into the flow on the slopes. Maybe FOCUSWATER might be to blame? 😉 (Photo: zVg)

What other talents or passions do you have?

Corinne: As well as skiing, I also love riding and enjoy sport in general.

What would you like to get better at?

Corinne: I’d like to be more patient and laid-back. I often seize up when I want something too much.

What’s your personal flow moment?

Corinne: When time flies. That’s almost always the case on the ski slopes.

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