THE Swiss vitamin water now with a new look and an extra flavour.

New look:
New design

We have given the FOCUSWATER brand a fresh new look. Of course our drink’s flavours will be the same you already know and love.

Das neue Focuswater Logo
Alle unsere Bottles

New Flavour:
Antiox Lemon & Lime Ingwer:

Our new flavour comes with ginger:

Focuswater Antiox Bottle

Now available exclusively at the Coop.

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The new Antiox:
Your freshness kick with ginger, lime and lemon

Our newest low-calorie soft drink with 4% fruit juices, natural flavors, 7 vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

Get your ginger kick and boost your immune system! Every step counts to build up your stregth. Ginger, lime and lemon are known to be safe keepers and they detoxify! Find your flow and get more energy. Make exercise, sleep and a healthy lifestyle your priority. We are happy to support you with vitamins and ginger essence.

Focuswater Antiox Bottle

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Hello vitamins,
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