FOCUSWATER: What is your biggest goal?

Yann Rausis: My biggest goal at the moment is to be able to recover totally from my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament= vorderes Kreuzband) injury and to fully express myself on my skis again.

FOCUSWATER: Which victory are you most proud of?

Yann: I’m quite proud of my victory at the «First Track Freeride» in Chandolin in 2016. I used to always miss my runs during this competition until in 2016 I finally broke the chain and did one of the best runs in my life.

After a run when he looks back at his line Yann Rausis is totally in flow. (Photo: Oskar Hall)

FOCUSWATER: Do you have other talents and if so what are they?

Yann: I have always been quite good at understanding mathematics and physics. Despite being talented, studying physics and mathematics required a lot of work!

FOCUSWATER: What would you like to be better at?

Yann: Freestyle skiing! I’d love to be like a cat in the air.

FOCUSWATER: What’s is your personal flow moment?

Yann: When I arrive at the bottom of an intense run, stop, breathe deeply and look back at my line, I can feel the energy flowing through my whole body. That is my flow moment!

FOCUSWATER: What is your favourite experience with FOCUSWATER so far?

Yann: Seeing the bright smile on my friends faces when I make them try a bottle of FOCUSWATER for the first time!


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